For the past 12 years, I’ve been given the unique opportunity to get an education in culture, history, science, music, yoga, art, nature, new media and public policy through the lens of a camera, and an edit suite.

Memorable moments have included receiving a signed copy of ‘The Golden Age of Jazz’ by world-renowned photographer William Gottlieb, meeting Bruce Springsteen, visiting Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin with my mother, and watching the sun set over a shimmering lake at the Cao Hai Nature Reserve in China.

Every project brings on new sets of creative challenges, opportunities and a chance to learn. As my fellow doc filmmakers say, ‘it’s like doing a dissertation but you don’t get the degree.’ What you do get - what I get- is a fresh perspective on the incredibly diverse and fascinating world that unfolds every day, and a deeper gratitude for being able to pursue my passion to create and be a part of work that is meaningful, inspiring, and fun.

My next adventure takes me to New Zealand where I hope to immerse myself in the culture, music, art, history, media and story of the ‘Land of the Great White Cloud’.